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About the Graduate Engineering Training Program (GET)

Absolute Credibility, Enterprising Management and Harmonious Personal Relationships.

Are you the one we are looking for?

The world’s most prestigious companies look to Daikin products and systems to deliver engineered solutions for any project. No matter what building type, Daikin has the right products, applications, expertise and responsive support to fill all HVAC requirements. Daikin Middle East and Africa is the regional headquarter for Daikin Industries, located in Dubai, responsible for promoting, selling, and after market support for the full range of Air Conditioning products sold in the GCC, Middle East and Africa.

We are a multi-cultural, fast growing and dynamic. The result is a unique work environment, built on 3 core values: Absolute Credibility, Enterprising Management and Harmonious Personal Relationships.

Set high

Daikin targets top engineering graduate students from high academic ranking universities globally, who have recently  obtained a university degree and are at the beginning of a new professional career. We enable the selected Graduate Engineer Trainee to acquire practical experience and knowledge to work in a multinational and multicultural environment. Daikin also provides opportunities to Graduate Engineer Trainee to practice their knowledge acquired during their studies and in their specific areas of competence. The Graduate Traineeship is intended to introduce Graduate Engineer Trainee to the first-hand professional working world, the constraints, duties and opportunities therein.

All about GET

During our one year Graduate Training Program, Graduate Engineer Trainee will undergo intensive hands-on training with different teams under After Sales Service Department to understand Daikin products and service. Graduate Engineer Trainee will work closely with Field Technicians and Engineers to learn the technical knowledge and gain practical  experience as part of on-the-job training. Graduate Engineer Trainee will be assigned to a specific project related to field of work and submit a report, at the end of the program, as an individual or a team project. After completing one year training program, Graduate Engineer Trainee will be evaluated and considered for permanent employment within Daikin Middle East and Africa, as Service Engineer in After Sales Service Department, based on the performance and potential. As a Service Engineer or equivalent, the job responsibilities expected to perform are commissioning, startups and troubleshooting, prepare technical report of the performed service on site and report to the designated Supervisor or Service Manager.

What can we offer you?

Challenging projects in innovative environments Variation

Personal growth and continuous learning

International working experience

Multicultural working environment

Involvement and unique company culture


  • Mayank Bhatia

    'Started my career with Daikin as GET 4 years back faced several challenges & exciting opportunities with different rotational roles in service department. Guidance of senior management & availing different opportunity along with different level of training's helped me a lot to define my Career path. We are a part of dynamic organization that values team work and demonstrates a strong ethical commitment to client and delivers on promises. Today with the experiences I got with Daikin,I can proudly say that I am part of the Daikin Family'

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