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There's more in a Daikin

More innovation, more growth, more responsibility, more diversity, more respect and more fun.
At Daikin, we believe that you should enjoy every day to its fullest.

Inspiring innovation

Are you as determined as we are to find solutions? As a market leader in energy efficiency, we believe our progressive approach to product development delivers an unparalleled quality and versatility to our integrated solutions.

Personal development

We believe top-quality products and services are delivered by talented individuals. That is why we choose to invest in personal development and offer opportunities for growth throughout your career.

Daikin community

It's important to have fun at work.
Conviviality and teamwork make for strong connections between colleagues.
Join some fun activities organised by our Daikin Entertainment Team and you will immediately feel at home.

International Traineeship

Are you a recent graduate with international ambitions? Daikin's International Traineeship offers select participants the opportunity to gain international experience paired with extensive training to jumpstart their careers at Daikin.


The excitement of being a member of Daikin family is an unmatched feeling, so if you are really looking for an opportunity to learn, grow, and add value, Daikin would be a great opportunity for you!

Sherif Elogeiry - HR Director; Daikin Middle East & Africa


Daikin Employee Referral Program

The Daikin Referral Program aims to provide the best career opportunities to the most skilled and equipped candidates known to our employees. 

Talk with our talent

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Aziz Mohammed Ali Morkas

'My main goal when I undertook the Management Development Journey training was to help me improve my decision making, active listening, concentration, composure and reduce anxiety in high pressure situation and in situations where I am under fatigue. I certainly felt the changes in my communication and mental focus. I am experiencing an extremely positive effect in all factors of my life, not just on the job but also in my personal life. The training provided by Daikin is much more enjoyable. On the other hand, my self being have improved and more composed which really resulted me in making better decision and having more effective involvement. I greatly appreciate Daikin for providing the best available trainers.'


Esmail Esoofbhai Motorwala

'I am pretty blown away by the great talent and skill of the people working with us in Daikin. I appreciate the depth of information, expertise, and other resources available. I also appreciate the “partnering” approach we’ve been able to develop over the past several years. I actually really like working here. My managers and co-workers are great and very nice which makes our discussions easy and flexible. We believe in maintaining good team relationship within our organization. It really developed my career and added knowledge in my life. Thank you Daikin for bringing the positivity and helping me achieve success in my career.'


Kezar Fakhruddin Jhabuawala

'Journey of 19 phenomenal years with McQuay & then Daikin. Witnessing growth from US$ 4 million to US$ 230 million. Continuous expansion from GCC to Middle East and Africa and now setting up of affiliates in key markets. During the start of my career, I was handling 6 departments but as the company grows, the department has to be decentralized in order to mitigate risk, responsibilities and independence at work. Bringing in professionalism and strong controls to withstand any associated risks to business. What a fascinating journey and expansion of Daikin family during all these years. It’s a real home near to home and a family in true spirit. The Daikin culture of supporting core competencies, promoting young talent and multi-cultural organization and supporting employees during serious medical conditions.  Worked under 6 bosses and have seen the diversity in management skills which really helped me to grow personally. It is a dream come true experience for me and my family who supported during those stressful and long hours of work.'


Pamela Cadelina Capa

'Quality work, positive competitive environment and learning opportunities are the reasons why I love working with Daikin. The organization focuses on bringing out the best in an employee by creating a drive that is fueled by the willingness to contribute, learn and win.

And our very dynamic Human Resource team ensures that the visions of the company are met and that employees are valued for their work and sincerity.

It has been an incredible eight years for me in Daikin and I look forward to more fruitful years ahead. I was molded from a raw youngster into an iron-maiden individual, where my full potentials are encouraged, developed and appreciated.

I am truly grateful and honored to be working with the world's Number 1, and to be a part of this amazing family.'


Praveen Damodaran Nambiar

'I joined McQuay in November 2005 reporting to the current Finance Manager, Mr. Kezar Jhabuawala and we were a very small team at that time. It’s very long way I have come through, though the journey was not tiring. I was assigned in the commercial department at the same time was involved in the admin affairs as well. I have learnt a lot in both departments.

Since then, I have seen a lot of faces coming and going, though it was not so pleasant to see them going. Had a very good opportunity to understand and interact with people with various nationalities and cultures and of course behaviors. Everyone was always kind to me and I, in turn, being a part of the HR team always tried to extend my maximum support to them, wherever possible. What I have learnt, on this seat is to have good patience. I feel proud to be the part of Daikin team and I look forward positively for the years to come ahead. I wish and pray that we become the No. 1 in the Middle East and Africa very soon.

Thank You.'


Elissa Ghanem

'I started with Daikin in 2006 in the USA as a sales engineer in California. Having an engineering background, I worked remotely and travelled nationally to support customers technically with seminars, presentation and sales actions. It was interesting to be part of Daikin development in the USA market. 

In 2010, based on family reasons, I decided to move to the Middle East and Daikin HR supported me in my decision and helped me move to the Daikin office in UAE. 

In the Middle East, I was a consulting sales manager working remotely to support part of the Gulf area and North Africa. It was very challenging yet very interesting to interact with different kind of cultures, while still promoting the same Daikin culture. 

Today, after 11 successful years with Daikin, as a sales manager, i am proud to be a contributor to the growth of the company in diverse challenging markets.'

Add your talent

We look for unique individuals to contribute their talents to our growth and leadership.

Your talent

  • Determined to find solutions
  • Seek opportunities to enhance personal growth
  • Respect yourself and others
  • Desire to promote sustainable development 

Our strengths

  • We are international. As the EMEA headquarters, we are a melting pot of backgrounds and nationalities, with a strong connection to our Japanese heritage.
  • We are pragmatic. We stimulate an entrepreneurial spirit and inspire our employees to develop their own careers.
  • We are respectful. We offer opportunities for you to evolve and grow due to our extensive training programme, on-the-job coaching and the flexibility to rotate between jobs to fulfil your own ambitions.
  • We are the market leader. As the number one innovator within our industry, we offer you stability and a wide playing field of job opportunities.

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